Monthly Archives: January 2013

Nandini and Nico’s Wedding Brunch, Bangalore, India

Intimate, backyard weddings are my favorite kind. I loved every bit of this shoot – the amazing attention to detail, the DIY, Etsy-ishness of it. We were in Byappanahalli, Bangalore, but this could have been Boothbay, Maine and you wouldn’t have known. Also interesting to me is how EVERY SINGLE PERSON at this gathering is […]

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Postcards from a family holiday in Rajasthan

Took a trip to Rajasthan, India, with my family after the LONGEST time in Dec. ’12 and really, REALLY enjoyed myself. Left all the fancy photo gear at home and took just an old, mildew-y Nikon D50 with a chipped lens and my cellphone. Felt free. Broke rules. Was shameless and shot only JPEGS in […]

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