Vidhee + Akshay – Indian Wedding in Mumbai

Hey photo blog! Long time no see. I’ve been up to all kinds of exciting. Life has taken a dramatic turn in the last few weeks where I have a new job and a new home. My new job is in *cough* *sputter* IT and it is going really well so far. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have a mentor who spends most of her weekends dressing up in medieval costumes and chasing other people with fake weapons. No seriously, look up LARPING.

So there it is, folks. My big announcement. That I am back to making art for art’s sake.

Here are some album spreads from Vidhee and Akshay’s wedding shot in Mumbai, India over multiple days and in various venues. Shot with the wonderful Ritesh Uttamchandani who is the only person I think I could partner with, happily, on a photo project. To future collaboration!

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