Urban Landscapes of Srinagar after the Jhelum flash flood of September 2014

I went to Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir to document elections in the Valley, but left feeling that this was the main story. Three months after one of India’s worst urban disasters, the story of how Kashmiris are struggling to reconstruct their homes and cities has faded fast from mainstream national news. I am hoping to go back to Srinagar in about ten days to continue documenting the reconstruction effort there for the next few weeks. If anyone knows of a cheap room I can rent during my stay there, your suggestions would be appreciated.

These photos were made while on the campaign trail with Hina Bhat, BJP candidate, Amirakadal, Srinagar, J&K. They were taken in the Rajbagh neighborhood.

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Urban Landscapes in Boston – Experiments with Medium Format Film Photography

I have never understood what the fuss is about medium format photography. Until last weekend, that is! This thing about the size of the negative being bigger, bokeh like buttah, the dynamic range blah blah… I knew a lot about it at a theoretical level but had never actually seen a comparison between small and medium format for myself. So I bought my first roll of 120 film, rented a camera and took a walk around town with Venks shooting some urban landscapes. You can see the results for yourself. I am stunned by the level of detail in these pictures. Highlights which would normally have been completely blown out have more detail in them than I ever would have hoped for. Just look at those clouds!!! They tell a story by themselves, don’t you think?

I think I am going to be going analogue more often from now on. There is something deeply satisfying about waiting for a roll of film to come back from processing and also thrilling at the grand unveiling of the results.

All photos shot on Kodak Portra 400 120 Professional Film, Mamiya 645 afd + 80mm 2.8 AF Film back. These are very low-res scans. I have no idea if higher-res scans will make these look any better because this is the first time I am doing this. Maybe someone who knows more about this can tell me?

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Zack Arias is right. Fuji IS the new Leica.

I had heard/read so much about the new Fuji X100s and what a great camera it is, that I decided to rent it and take it on vacation with me to Maui in Hawaii last year. Here’s how it did.

Getting ready to go to London in a few days from now and wondering if I should rent it again. If you can get past the slowness to focus, this camera is quite a gem.

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Wow, the follow-up post is so long overdue. I just realized these guys are very quickly going to be celebrating their six-month anniversary. It is just the wake up call I needed to get off my ass and post part II of the Hyderabad wedding I shot last Christmas!

A wise man I met in India told me I need to edit a lot tighter, and so I am going to try and pay heed to that much more going forward. Less is more. Less is more, I have to keep telling myself. Looking back at a lot of my past work and I am wondering how on EARTH a lot of the stuff that made it to a final edit made it to a final edit.

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